The Harmony Project

The Harmony Project

A Seminole County Florida based peace initiative has launched a website that is at the forefront of an emerging new paradigm of conscious inclusion. With a focus on unity through Radical Ecumenism, this website clearly illustrates that in open sharing and harmonious dialogue our differences hold unlimited potential for uniting people of all faiths.

In this time of extraordinary shift and evolution, a team of individuals has come together to create a presentation of the essential tenets of fourteen major spiritual traditions. The goal and intention of the Harmony Project is to provide a learning platform for those who wish to grow stronger in the practice and demonstration of their own faith while honoring and appreciating the sacred in other spiritual paths.

Sacred Paths:

Through a mix of historical overviews, personal interviews, art and linked references, seekers of all ages and backgrounds are afforded the opportunity to appreciate the diversity, strengths and beauty of each spiritual path.

"Spiritual problems require spiritual solutions."

Throughout history to the present day, religious dogma, fueled by claims of God’s approval, has resulted in terrible bloodshed. It is the most tragic of human ironies that the highest of spiritual truths have been used to justify the lowest forms of behavior. Caught up in trying to preserve autonomy and power, religion has very often been employed as a political vehicle in misguided attempts to solve what is, in essence, a spiritual problem. As a result, sacred, elemental truths from many of the world’s spiritual traditions have been distorted or lost, leading to widespread division and the perpetuation of a mythology of separation.

The Harmony Project goes directly to the heart of the fourteen aforementioned spiritual paths, where the beauty and profundity of the original message of each is to be found in personal gnosis and the experiential. Here, the mystery unfolds, revealing all of these paths as offering the same light, the same compassion and the same principles of service, thus paving the way for unity through the divine gift of our human diversity.

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