The Harmony Project

Interview with Tek Nickerson

  • God is all things. Remember, the Holocaust and the Trail of Tears and everything you know is pure fiction, an illusion. It is not real. All that is real is God, asking you to wake up from your dream of fiction, whose script you are co-creating. Now, we must wake up
  • What you also have to appreciate is that everything you see going on around you is perfect.
  • we usually don't mourn moving from one house to another, because we don't identify ourselves as the house from which we are leaving. In reality, the same is true about our bodies housing our souls. We may mistake our bodies as us, but they are not us. We are not physical humans having a spiritual experience. We are angelic souls, who have come to earth to have a physical experience.
  • Everyone has to seek his, or her, own truth. My truth isn't necessarily another's truth.
  • It's about choice, empowered by free will and remembering. If you're in doubt, simply ask yourself, How do I choose to be the expression of God for the remaining time? If you simply follow that, then you'll be fine.
  • What if there were no lessons to learn? Every piece of your body has consciousness and is creating the illusion of what you call reality. You may see the I AM presence in any way you choose.

Ann: You said you would like to make a statement at the beginning of this interview, before I ask you some questions.

Tek: As a point of introduction, I'd like to quote a primary source, called The Law of One, which is an interview with my old associate Ra:

"The identity of the vibration Ra is our identity. As a group, or what you would call a social memory complex, we made contact with a race of your planetary kind, which you call Egyptians. Others from our density made contact, at the same time, in South America, and the so-called "lost cities" were their attempts to contribute to the Law of One.

We spoke to one who heard and understood and was in a position to decree the Law of One. However, the priests and peoples of that era quickly distorted our message, robbing it of the, shall we say, compassion with which unity is informed by its very nature. Since it contains all, it cannot abhor any.

When we were no longer able to have appropriate channels through which to enunciate the Law of One, we removed ourselves from the now hypocritical position, which we had allowed ourselves to be placed in. Other myths, shall we say, having more to do with polarity and the things of your vibration that are complex, again took over in that society complex.

Consider, if you will, that the universe is an infinite concept. To have infinity you must identify, or define, the infinity as unity; otherwise, the term does not have any referent, or meaning. In an Infinite Creator there is only unity. You have seen simple examples of unity. You have seen the prism, which shows all colors stemming from the sunlight. This is a simplistic example of unity.

In truth, there is no right, or wrong. There is no polarity for all will be, as you would say, reconciled, at some point, in your dance through the mind/body/spirit complex, which you amuse yourself by distorting in various ways at this time. This distortion is not, in any case, necessary. It is chosen by each of you as an alternative to understanding the complete unity of thought, which binds all things. You are not speaking of similar, or somewhat like entities, or things. You are everything, every being, every emotion, every event and every situation. You are unity. You are infinity. You are love/light; light/love. You are. This is the Law of One."[1]

I'm a member of the group to which Ra refers. Some of my associates and I have stepped down our vibration to angelic humans, in order to better interface with humans during your period of polarity. An angelic human is neither angel, nor human. It's a hybrid. Angelic humans appear during moments of crisis and great stress, such as the planet has now, ending a particularly dark twenty-six thousand-year cycle. We are here to act as midwives in the transition from one cycle to the next. We help raise the vibration of humans, so that they experience the transition with less stress.

In that vein, I would ask the readers to ask themselves, "If you only had up to 2012 to live, how would you reorder your life, beginning now?" Would you reduce the clutter in your lives, whether it is the clutter in your house, your attic, and your garage, the clutter in your social life, or your friends and family? Which relationships are helping you to enhance your lives and raise your vibration and which are the dross that are pulling you back? It's the crab in the bucket syndrome. We each must make a choice. Imagine you only have up to 2012 left. Know that you are an expression of God, and you are asking the question, "How do you want to express God in the remaining years? What is it that you've been thinking that you want to do differently in the remaining time? How do we wish to express God through our thoughts, our attitudes and our deeds, as well as in our relationships, like our family, our neighborhood, our country and our planet? How do we wish to express ourselves as God?" This is my message.

Ann: What spiritual tradition were you raised in?

Tek: When I was a child, I attended Sunday school at the First Congregational Church in Old Greenwich, Connecticut. When I was eight years old, I informed my family that I didn't want to go there anymore, because they were requiring that I memorize Psalm 23 (book in the Bible). I said, "This was another man's words and I don't want to speak through another man. I'll speak through my own words.” It brings up a good point, because it marked a time when I confused God (love) with institutionalized religion. I rejected the church on the grounds that you cannot institutionalize love and declared myself agnostic until I knew better.

I remained agnostic for twenty years. During high school and college, I recognized that I needed the guidance that religion provides, but I had rejected the religion of my ancestors. So, in high school, I studied the world's religions and I assembled the common denominators. These are the Ten Commandments and, when you distill these, they become The Golden Rule.

This is how I guided my life until I was twenty-eight. Then, something extraordinary happened that changed my life, permanently. I was on the rocky shore of a small island in the Thimble Islands, off of Branford, Connecticut, by myself. It was a June afternoon with a crystal blue sky and not a cloud in it. The day was bright and sunny. As I looked at the tension on the dark blue sea, I saw thousands of dazzling reflections, brilliantly thrown back in my face. I was looking at this and the dark green evergreens and deciduous trees on the rest of the thirty islands there, with the pink and gray granitic outcrops of those islands. And I began to take stock of where I was, standing a few feet from the water at the interface of the land, sea, and air and I began to review what was happening there.

The sea was oxygenating, as it lapped on the shores, sweeping the rockweeds attached to the rock, back and forth, and there was a Tern, a seabird, fishing for her dinner. So, it occurred to me that that Tern, that fish, that rockweed, and I all originated from the same primordial sea. All these living things shared a common womb with me and this made us all brothers and sisters. The moment my mind said "sisters,” the sky exploded with a light ten thousand times brighter than the sun and it wasn't coming from the direction of the sun. That explosion of light carried the same intensity of pure unconditional love, pure unconditional forgiveness, a sense of eternity well beyond imagination, and I recognized to my astonishment that I was face-to-face with the Creator. This was not an angel, nor Jesus Christ; this was the Creator and I didn't know how it could be possible.

Be that as it may, in the next moment, we were in space, looking back at the planet, and I saw earth as a dark orb, silhouetted by the brilliance of the Milky Way. The message I was getting was that this is a dark, very dense planet. Once I got that, I saw a burst of light appear on the rim, at about two o'clock on a clock face, and this burst of light expanded along the rim towards the poles. This was very much like the diamond ring effect you would expect to see of the solar corona during a solar eclipse. This ring expanded towards the west and got wider and wider, carrying the message: "This is a Dawn of a New Age.”

When this was clear, I saw a holographic-like movie of the very beginning of humans and their progress up through to the present and deep into the future. From this, I understood that man and, in fact, everything, without exception, is an expression of the Creator, just as the wave is an expression of the ocean, where there is no distinction between the wave and the ocean and we can't see where the wave ends and the ocean begins. Everything is an expression of the Creator, without exception, both the good and the bad. During this dark period of 26,000 years, we have had a world of duality. It is all a small expression of the Creator.

At the moment that I really understood this, I heard these words:

"Now that you know who and what you are, know that the greatest tragedy of all mankind is that he belittles his being by bickering about the color of his skin."

Then, I was back on the planet, absolutely dumbstruck.

Ann: I can imagine. That was an amazing mystical experience. What a blessing.

Tek: That ended my period of being an agnostic! It was a big wake-up call. I finally understood Shakespeare's words "We are such stuff as dreams are made of." All we know is all we dream. I wish I could give this gift to everyone reading these words. I've been wishing that ever since, but at least this story is reaching more people. If these words ring true for anyone reading these words, then wake-up and ask yourself what you're going to do for your remaining time here.

Ann: An excellent gift for anybody who can open to that. All the spiritual heroes talk about these kinds of openings, providing this kind of knowing. I rarely hear of anybody who has really had the kind of experience that you had. So, you have been greatly blessed.

How old are you, now?

Tek: I'm fifty-seven.

Ann: How have you lived your life differently, because you know this?

Tek: When this epiphany occurred, I realized God was talking to God, according to God. I AM THAT, I AM. There was no wiggle room to be less. It is an extremely daunting and sobering responsibility.

Ann: So, how do you act out your mission, daily?

Tek: Hugely motivated! I approach it reverently, impeccably, virtuously, enthusiastically, passionately and compassionately in the service of the planet and mankind. My motivation is to follow my guidance as to how I may best serve God's will, exclusively. This has shown up as great ambitions with equally great humility.

In 1984, my wife, Arlene, and I founded SHARE (Sacred Hoop of America Resource Exchange), a non-profit organization to bridge the Native and non-Native communities. I serve as a volunteer National Director. The Grandfathers gave our logo to me in a dream. It shows the Sacred Hoop, as the classic cross within the circle that appeared all over the planet 10,000 years ago in a call to come together. In the center of the cross is the earth. Each spoke of the cross represents one of the four races, the red, the white, the yellow and the black, metaphorically. The circle represents the enveloping, embracing arms of the Creator and the four flying feathers are the vehicles to carry your prayers to the Creator. Non-natives in this country generally don't recognize the meaning of the Sacred Hoop, so in each quadrant we added the sketch of a hand, representing each race and a child, an elder, a man and a woman. As my four and a half year old granddaughter explained: "No matter what color you are, no matter what shape, you fit in."

One of SHARE's programs collected, shipped and distributed 3,800 boxcar loads of good clothing and other relief supplies to 64 reservations, coast-to-coast. After six years, we spun it off to our volunteers. In 1990, we personally purchased a ranch at the base of Bear Butte in Sturgis, SD, which is the most sacred mountain to the Sioux and Cheyenne. At the request of the White Buffalo Calf Woman, a.k.a. Mother Mary (mother of Jesus), and in response to the Sioux and Cheyenne elders, SHARE founded Bear Butte Lodge, a children's cultural camp. Here the elders could help restore their grandchildren's cultural pride, identity and self-esteem before they were lost to drug and alcohol abuse. The elders designed and ran the programs, while SHARE underwrote their efforts. We sold the ranch, at our cost, to the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, in 1997, who promptly adopted the programs and increased the funding by 400 per cent. From 1997 to 2003, I have been called to Australia twice, as well as to Egypt and Israel, to help prepare the planet for ascension. I am currently preparing an ancient sacred space to receive the public and assist in their ascension in Cos Cob, CT.

On a more personal scale, I just returned from a prison, this morning, where I've been helping a young man reorder his life. He's about to be released and is very anxious about how successful he'll be. We talked about how he could order his life, so that it would be successful. We speak, practically every day on the phone, and I visit him, at least, once a week.

Ann: When you went to the holy land, did you go on your own, or with a group?

Tek: I went with a very small group. I have traveled the world, working with earth energies to clear heavy energy areas, and I work extensively in dreams, on the Internet, and passing on messages of encouragement. I also work a great deal with prayer.

Ann: As humans, can we also open to this energy?

Tek: They are this energy! It is time to wake up.

Ann: In other terms, we might say it is the Christ within, or the Buddha within.

Tek: It's all of that.

Ann: It is each person opening to the divine.

Tek: Absolutely.

Ann: Your language is a little different, but each of the people I speak with, who are of different religious faiths, say that this divine spark is within us and that it can be activated.

Tek: It's more than a spark.

Ann: Light?

Tek: It's more than that. It's virtually everything you know, from the energy, to the liquid, to the solid. All this is an expression of the Creator.

Ann: Yes, I believe that, totally.

Tek: Humans are the cutting edge of the consciousness of the Creator in order to learn more about the Creator. So, you are trying to find out more about yourself. We must think of ourselves as a cell of the brain of the Creator.

Ann: I often say that I am a cell in the body of God. Not the brain, but the body of God. It's the same, but the language is a little different.

I studied with Barbara Marx Hubbard for a long time and she talks about this. Her books are wonderful.

Tek: I'm concerned that her work seems to ignore spirituality regarding the future of mankind.

Ann: I haven't really looked at anything, recently, of hers, but she has a whole new Website, which I went on.

Tek: My sister is involved in her course, on the Internet. I reviewed several of the sessions and that was my reaction to it.

Ann: I remember reading her stories. She had an experience similar to yours, a magical awakening, and it changed her whole life. She was raised Jewish, but not in a religious way. It was in an Episcopal Church where she had this same sense of that magnificent connection with all. Being a very wealthy woman, she used her money to go out and teach, but I haven't studied with her recently. I wonder if she's just being careful about the spiritual aspect of it, trying to do it in a more neutral way, although I have no idea.

Are there any other spiritual teachers that you find of great value for our culture at this particular time?

Tek: Well, certainly!

Ann: Who are they?

Tek: Jesus Christ.

Ann: His presence in the world now?

Tek: Yes. When the Awakening of the Divine in each of us reaches Christhood and is compounded by a critical mass, it will trigger the Second Coming of Christ. That is to say that when enough people achieve Christhood, the Second Coming will come through them, as the multitudes.

Other teachers include Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, who was head of the western Sufi Order, the Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra and Sai Baba. The list goes on an on. There is someone for everyone. You just have to wake up and open up. Whatever works for you and floats your boat, but, for heaven's sake, what would you do if you only had up to 2012 left? It's not an accident that I'm asking about a few remaining years.

Ann: Why is that?

Tek: It is because that is what we have left of this period.

Ann: Then, what will happen?

Tek: You're given a choice.

Ann: So, we reach a certain level of consciousness, or what?

Tek: Yes, a certain level of surrender. I'm glad you asked that question. Imagine you are by yourself in the Swiss Alps on the Matterhorn. You are free climbing and you're not roped up to anybody. As you might imagine, you slip and fall and you catch yourself with three fingers, hanging on a ledge. You cry out for help, but there is nothing but the wind. You continue to cry out and, now, you are down to two fingers. You're desperate, so you cry out, again, and a big booming voice says, "Yes?" Again, you cry, "Help me!" The voice replies, "Certainly. Let go!" (You might ask: "Is there anyone else up there?")

I used this lesson, many years ago, as a tool. I realized that the Creator would not ask me to let go, if there wasn't a safety net, so I let go, as if I were falling off the Matterhorn. Sure enough, there was not only a safety net, but I discovered it was also a portal to the next level of my empowerment. What I learned is that when you let go, you let go of everything. You give up everything and, when you do, you come into everything. That's the key. You must let go of everything in order to come into everything.

Everyone will be given a final opportunity to let go, or surrender. Those who surrender will become Christed and ascend in full consciousness to the next octave, which is seven for most people, or eleven for the earliest souls on earth. This is the path the Christ took, although I doubt He only ascended to octave seven. Those who choose not to surrender will also be choosing not to ascend into the Oneness. They will likely die during the apocalypse and be removed to another denser world of duality of good and bad, light and dark, of material and spiritual. It is not going to be as pleasant as on earth. They will remain in free will to get the lesson. It's their choice to do what they are ready to do. There is no right, or wrong. There is only the choice that each individual will make.

Ann: The question I would like to ask you is, then, why were you chosen, at that age as a young person, to have this breakthrough where you really felt the union with the One, whereas other people seem to be seeking their whole life and do not have that breakthrough? People will choose to be a priest, a nun, or a monk. I have worked with Buddhist monks and Catholic sisters, very closely, and their dedication and desire were truly there and, yet, they don't experience it. I'm creating these interviews for twelve sacred paths. The ones that I've studied all say the same thing that these mystical experiences do happen. So, how is it that you received the gift and other people are seeking it don't?

Tek: I was chosen, at a young age, because I needed time to prepare and acclimate myself to the full realization of whom and what I am and how I shall fulfill what my soul contract requires. I know that I am an expression of God. I have been trained to know and to be my understanding of God. And my soul contract requires that I help awaken others and help them understand that the same applies to them.

You will notice this is just March 12th, 2003. In the remaining time, look around you and listen. Pay attention to the great awakenings that people will be having. They'll be everywhere. There are many, many out there, right now. If you were to compress the remaining years into five minutes, the awakenings, the A-HA's would appear like popcorn popping! A cacophony!

Ann: Yes, I've certainly read that and heard that. I've experienced it in my life, to some degree, but not with the advanced magic that you speak about. I don't mean "magic,” but "magical." It's stepping out of the realm of duality to feel the Oneness, though I wouldn't be creating this site, if I didn't believe it. I want people to have access to it, but apart from little tiny flashes, I haven't had anything like you've had. It's very heartening and exciting to think that this is going to happen for so many.

Tek: It is not just stepping out to feel the Oneness. It is moving in to be the Oneness. James Twyman's course on the Art of Spiritual Peacemaking is an excellent guide for this. You'll see.

Ann: I'm ready!

Tek: So am I!

Ann: In order to do this, are there any spiritual disciplines that you do that help to keep this channel open for you?

Tek: Yes, I will share four disciplines with your readers:

1) At a minimum, I cleanse myself with the following invocation, done in the early morning, just after washing up and, again, just before retiring. This is invoked to cleanse you, a group of people or spirits, and is recommended to apply prior to conducting anything that mustn't be tainted. St. Germaine and the Grace Eloha have given me permission to share this with you and your readers:

Unified Violet Flame of Transmutation and the Silver Ray of Grace Eloha

I/we now call upon the Unified Violet Flame of Transmutation and the Silver Ray of Grace Eloha to wash through all my/our bodies:

Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, auric, causal and astral, and any others that I/we have not mentioned in this, or any other language, but which you know needs to be called upon, I/we call upon the Unified Violet Flame of Transmutation and the Silver Ray of Grace Eloha to please now:

Release, dissolve, remove, gather and transmute

All negativity, negative thought forms and emotions,

All parasitic entities, energies and thought forms and emotions,

All that keeps me/us in the illusion of separation and unconsciousness and anything else that I have not mentioned in this, or any other language, but which you know needs to be released now,

Please release, dissolve, remove, gather and transmute it all, now, into the purest and clearest of light energies, and send them back to the Creative source of all that is to their next highest level of evolution in the Divine Creator's Plan.

Now, FEEL this process of transmutation is done. Don't follow the energies to the Creator! Given acknowledgement of feeling that it is done, say: "Amen. So be it, and so it is."

2) I offer a small bite of food from my meals on a spirit plate, daily, to the Elementals and Devas, who require the sustenance of acknowledgement and appreciation for their contributions to the vitality of the Earth Mother. They are leaving the planet in droves, because not only have we forgotten our continuity of our reincarnations and our true connection to the One, but we also deny their existence, referring to them as fairy tales.

3) I attend Jodi Serota's metaphysical class, twice monthly, in NYC, NY, to regularly turbo-charge my personal growth with the help of the numerous high level entities she channels. Jodi is one of the clearest and most grounded healers and channelers I have ever met. Her CDs are available at

4) Lastly and most importantly, I subscribe to the blessed Internet courses of James Twyman: I would like to call special attention to the course: The Art of Spiritual Peacemaking. In my opinion, this 33-lesson course offers people the accelerant to enlightenment and Christhood more effectively than anything else I've discovered.

That is what I do. However, being is incomparable to doing. In addition to Jesus, the Christ, I also draw inspiration for being from Mother Teresa. Mother Theresa would get up at four o'clock, in the morning, and would spend about an hour, or an hour and a half, in her prayers. She never asked anyone for a donation, but people felt compelled and driven to help her work. They showered her Order with money and from which she established over 500 branches all over the world. She said, "Providence provides.”

Ann: She was a special being, too. She came in with a vision and she was able to stay with it, creating amazing things.

Tek: She is an inspiration, that's what she is.

Ann: She will continue to be, as well. Her energy is still here and available. She was totally focused, as was Gandhi.

Tek: Absolutely. Mother Teresa and Gandhi ensured that there was no clutter in their lives. Christ did this, too. They had no clutter, but all of them had focus. They all recognized and focused on what was really important. Even Oprah said, "Your focus is your reality.”

Ann: That's why I love Oprah, because she is a Saint!

Tek: So do I!

Ann: She can work in both worlds and is clever enough to entice people with some foolishness, but then, the next time, it's right to the heart of the gold in the teachings she's offering to American women.

Tek: She's one of the most effective teachers we have on the planet.

Ann: Yes, I adore her. I just think she's amazing.

Tek: So, if you do nothing else, tune into Oprah!

Ann: If they're doing make-up that day, then you can do something else, but if she's brought in some amazing teacher, then you'll want to tune in. Right now, she's gone to Africa and she said that she's been blessed, as she's really found her purpose. This is to go back to Africa and help the orphans of people who have died from Aids there. The people call her "Mother Oprah" and the chief of one of the major tribes has even asked her to marry him.

Tek: I have a transcription of the one-hour interview that Charlie Rose had with her. He asked her about what she felt her goal in life was to be and she said that her goal was to be the highest expression of her soul.

Ann: She's doing it. I love her work. Oprah is, in some ways, an every day lady, but, in other ways, she's a mystic and teacher.

Tek: This is what makes her so effective. She can reach all of us.

Ann: Yes and shake our cage! Charlie Rose is also a wonderful mystical teacher and, for readers, he is a commentator and interviewer having his own program on Channel Thirteen. He just seems to be able to speak with anybody, with great depth and understanding.

Ann: Are there other spiritual teachers available, at this moment in time that you admire?

Tek: Yes, I first met Li Lan Chan in 1996, when she visited Bear Butte Lodge, in Sturgis, SD. As I mentioned, earlier, my wife and I were stationed there, as volunteers facilitating a Native American children's cultural camp we had founded, on a 40-acre ranch we bought for that purpose. Li Lan recognized the nature and importance of our work to help Native elders restore the cultural pride, identity and self-esteem of their grandchildren before they were lost to drug and alcohol abuse. She also recognized and suggested the importance of my undertaking a four-hour cleanse, so that not only I, but also our camp, could move on to our destinies. With the advantage of 20/20 hindsight, I am certain that this cleansing led us to sell our ranch to the Rosebud Sioux Tribe to carry on the camp. A medicine man conducted a ceremony at the transfer of the papers, exclaiming that a Sioux prophecy alerted them that a portion of their most sacred mountain, Bear Butte, would return to them, but they did not know who would carry it out, until that moment. This act was especially historic, because it was the first time any tribe of the Great Sioux Nation was restored land at Bear Butte and the first time that the Rosebud Sioux regained a foothold on the Black Hills since Custer's defeat at Little Big Horn.

In addition, I am certain that her cleansing prepared me for future spiritual projects, including a 40-day "walkabout" in Australia, spanning a great basin, The Great Australian Bight, two deserts, two oceans, four seas and five mountain ranges.

Li Lan introduced me to St. Germaine's Violet Flame of Transmutation, which could have saved our lives. Years ago, our teenager on "angel dust,” burst into our home in an outrage, shouting, throwing furniture and threatening the lives of my wife and myself. I was torn between placing myself between him and my wife and returning to my office to invoke the Violet Flame of Transmutation upon him. I chose the latter and instantly I heard his shouting in rage become calm talking. Li Lan trained me to use this invocation three years earlier and, in doing so, she may very well have contributed to saving our lives. Our son not only survived, he is well on his path, as a spiritual warrior, and I admire him.

In summary, Li Lan has proven, over the past seven years, to be one of the most important teachers I have ever had. Her intimate knowledge of MAP, The Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program from the Great White Brotherhood of Light, and her wise counsel in its application for my development has enhanced my life, almost without parallel. I cannot think of anything more effective that I could recommend to anyone who wanted to experience a spiritual breakthrough and turbo-charge his or her life than working with Li Lan. I am proud to call her my teacher and I am ready for the next step. Li Lan Chan may be reached through her web site at

Toni Sar'h Petrinovich is also a really great teacher. She just wrote a really great book called, The Call - Awakening the Angelic Human, available at

Of course, J.J. Hurtak's, The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch is essential and amazing (

Solara is an important teacher. She has a lot of helpful books out (

Also, Ra's interview by L/L Research, which turned out an essential series on The Law of One, to which I referred in my introduction. If you enjoyed the introduction, you will appreciate the series. Reciting: The Law of One, by Don Elkins, Carla Rueckert and James A. McArty, (L/L Research, P.O. Box 5195, Louisville, KY 40205). If this address is out of date, Pymander Bookstore in Westport, CT can order one, or more, books for the reader, which are highly recommended.

Those are pretty advanced people, but for the person who doesn't quite resonate to the introduction, is feeling the itch, but doesn't quite know where to begin, I would say tune into Oprah, turn to the Sufis and read about how others have found themselves in the same position, asking the same questions like, "Who am I? What am I? What am I doing here? Is this all there is?" All the answers are available and they're so simple and so obvious.

Ann: In the world, we can get diverted to things that seem important, but really aren't. Most of us don't live with those questions. I know that I certainly didn't, as a younger person. So, I think a big question that people have, when there is extreme evil, is "What is that about?" For example, there was the Jewish holocaust where six million Jews and Christians were exterminated. There are holocausts we see going on around the world, even today. What would you say about that?

Tek: After my spiritual awakening, I asked the same question. I asked, "How could a loving God have permitted the holocaust?" The answer I got was very simple. Six million souls volunteered to be exterminated, as Jews, to make a statement that the world would never, ever forget. So, let's think about that. Six million souls contracted, before they came back into their bodies, to make this statement and to be executed. Surely, the people who have followed them have carried out their contracts to make sure that this message has been heard. In the world of duality, both good and bad represent the Creator, because they are all expressions of the Creator. Leading up to this moment, the planet was becoming darker and darker and the universal mind was saying, "Okay, well this was an experiment and it's time to start over, so we'll just take it out, like we took out the dinosaurs, and begin, again," but humans said, "Now, wait a minute, if this is an experiment, then why should we have to ascend by being wiped out? Why can't we ascend in full consciousness?" So, the universal mind said, "Okay, well, we've never done that before. How are we going to do it?" Humans replied, "Well, let us try to turn things around." So, the six million souls over here said, "We volunteer to be exterminated in this horrible way and those who follow us will carry the message.”

On the other side of the planet, on the other pole, if you will, hundreds of thousands of souls said, "We will do the same. We will volunteer to be vaporized, as Japanese, and die the horrible death of radioactive disease, thereafter, to make this statement.”

So, these are the good guys. You cannot have a victim without an aggressor, or executioner. Someone has to step up to the plate and volunteer to be the executioner. In Japan, it was Truman who gave the order to drop the atomic bomb. In Europe, it was Hitler who authorized the Holocaust. So, together, as a team, on both sides of the planet, they created this story and we have not had another nuclear blast since, annihilating anyone. However, we've certainly had other expressions of genocide, in this country with the Native Americans, and also in Somalia and Southwestern Africa. Although stories are just coming out, by and large, the message has not been lost. So, there is this ripple effect, like when you throw a pebble in the pond and the ripples go out, further and further.

We, as a people on this planet, had evolved our consciousness to a point where, on August 16th, 1987, there was a harmonic convergence. Hundreds of thousands of people, if not more, assembled and prayed.

Ann: Yes, I was up on a mountaintop.

Tek: As I was. This was our moment of truth. Was the hundredth monkey operative enough? Had we reached the critical mass to turn the tide? The answer was, "Yes.” As a consequence, a large meteor, the death star that was on a direct trajectory to intercept the planet, was destroyed out in space to give the planet an opportunity to make the ascension in full consciousness. This is about to happen.

So, when you ask yourself, "What was all that evil about?" That was absolutely necessary to trigger the response to turn the tide, so we would not have been wiped out, like the dinosaurs 64 million years ago. From the cosmic perspective, Hitler was an unsung superhero, who literally helped save humanity from extinction. The Akashic Records verify this. Ask to see for yourself.

Ann: I've been reading Thich Nhat Hanh and some of his work and he says that we do get to do it all. He was a Buddhist monk, who lived through the war in Vietnam, and did just great work, here, in America, giving people hope, healing and opening people's consciousness. He said that we live many, many lives and we have to live all aspects. So, we are the dark and light, the murderer and the murdered, the rapist and the person who was raped and we experience it all. Can you talk a little about that?

Tek: Well, he's absolutely correct. I don't want to get into the personalities of who I've been in the past, because that's a distraction. However, I do have memories of being really bad and memories of being very, very good. I began to put these memories down in order, as a journal, so that I could track how I was doing. These were from my earliest memories, down to the present, and I would invite the people I had recognized, in former lifetimes, to share their memories in this journal. There have been dozens who recognized me and I recognized them and we share memories with each other in this journal. It's not for publication. It's just so we could ask ourselves how we were doing and perhaps discover some patterns from which we could learn. It's worked very nicely and it's certainly given me confirmation of what Thich Nhat Hanh has said.

Ann: I'm a hands-on healer and I've been back to four times when I was murdered, as a healer. It was very frightening and it just came up in healing classes. The teacher said to me that we have to release the fear that is retained in the body from those times, before you can move on and be of greater help in the world. So, I haven't been back to any that were nice, but I could definitely feel a shift in the cells of my body when I did experience those things. They came up, without looking for them.

Tek: Yes, that's part of the clutter to which I am referring. You have an attachment to this old fear. You're attached to it and you have to surrender it back to the Creator, who is you, but you have to release everything, including your fears and your worries. We just have to let go of all of these attachments. We must let it go.

Some of my friends specialize in helping people let go of old fears, cellular memories of old trauma in this, or former, lifetimes, and "time bombs" our souls plant in us, as disease. The latter process is remarkable! If the reader wishes a referral, please write to me at

Ann: I am sixty-nine and I have worked, at least, for thirty-five years, on trying to understand more about life and being of service. I've studied under some wonderfully progressive teachers. For the average person, though, how many have this available to them?

Tek: Everybody.

Ann: Yes, but what about African tribesmen, living as farmers, who don't have a chance to do past life regressions?

Tek: On the contrary, the Dogon of Mali are very, very advanced. The Dogon have a very active communication with Sirius and were part of the group that constructed the pyramids.

Ann: So, you don't have to be a wealthy American?

Tek: No absolutely not! I have a memory of being among the Dogon in one of my past lives. I have been the blackest black, the whitest white, the reddest red, and the yellowiest yellow. I've got map tacks, on a globe, showing me where I've been throughout my tour, here, and the patterns are astounding.

Ann: Are you ready for enlightenment, now, or are you still coming back for many, many lifetimes? Do you have any sense of this?

Tek: I waffle on this question. I know I am done and I am sure the pasture is greener on the other side. However, many of us have worked so very long and hard to help bring us to this moment of ascension, hanging around to celebrate a Grand Thanksgiving and savoring the fruits of our labor may be too attractive to pass up.

Ann: So, you feel you've completed the cycles you needed to go through?

Tek: I have.

Ann: Ten thousand lives is one of the teachings I've heard. There is only one in Buddhism. So, do you believe there is a certain number that each person has to live? Can you clock that?

Tek: I don't know.

Ann: For yourself, though, you know that there have been many.

Tek: More than many, for eons. My friends remember our group preceding the creation of the Milky Way galaxy. I remember Lemuria, Atlantis, working with the pyramids in Egypt, Maya, Tibet, right up to being a small boy in Missouri, when my half sister and I discovered that she was a mulatto and I was not. It was 1867, after the Civil War, when we discovered that we had the same father. Lincoln had freed her mother and her and, still, my father literally "sold them down the river," to New Orleans. I never saw her, again, until several years ago.

Ann: So, you had the experience of re-meeting someone from a past life?

Tek: Yes, dozens of friends from past lives. Often the same people return to support each other, or work on their lessons, during a common period. For example, this girl and I recognized each other.

Ann: In what kind of context did you meet?

Tek: She was working as an interpreter at a seaside museum. We recognized one another's energy, were extraordinarily attracted, and one thing led to another. So, we started asking questions. Finally, we did a regression and it all reappeared before our eyes.

Ann: Profound stuff. So, my little chart of questions doesn't work very well!

Tek: You know, it reminds me of the saying, "The best laid plans of mice and men.”

Ann: I did feel, energetically, that it was important to call you, without knowing anything about you, except we were in a meditation together and I felt I should call. So, when I came, I really had no idea where we would go with this, except that there was a special light around you that I wanted to understand. I thought you would have some insightful information for these interviews.

Tek: Has there been?

Ann: I may not have this on the tape, but I wonder if this isn't too much. I understand all the concepts that you've talked about, because I am claiming New Age.

Tek: You can edit it.

Ann: Yes, we will, but I'm just saying that I'm trying, on this site, not to be inflammatory, but to get people to seek and your interview is inflammatory. I may be wrong.

Tek: Are you unsure about references to duality, or about good and evil?

Ann: Those things about the holocaust.

Tek: Is that because it's so fresh in people's memory?

Ann: Well, no, not really, because when the Twin Towers went down, I could actually get that. It was very easy for me to get that those people gave their lives to bring in consciousness, because it was so quick.

Tek: So, you got it that they volunteered?

Ann: Oh yes, I got that without any problem.

Tek: Did you get that the terrorists were also volunteers at the soul level?

Ann: I didn't get that, no.

Tek: Well, how could these people volunteer to be victims, if there wasn't someone volunteering to be the executioner?

Ann: Yes, it's very hard for me to get my mind around, but to think that over a period of years, like the holocaust, that this can happen. Also, things like the trail of tears where Native Americans died, being sent off their land. The stories about that are just too much. Even today, there are trails of tears happening all over the globe. So, it's very hard for me, because I like the teaching that God is divine and brings in light.

Tek: God is all things. Remember, the Holocaust and the Trail of Tears and everything you know is pure fiction, an illusion. It is not real. All that is real is God, asking you to wake up from your dream of fiction, whose script you are co-creating. Now, we must wake up!

Ann: Well, I just don't know that humans are progressing. I think that's my big question.

Tek: Look to the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Soviet Union and Apartheid in South Africa. More importantly, as more people discover and grow in their own connection to God, organized religion decays and is becoming less important, as an intermediary in people's lives. In other words, people are discovering their own truth about whom and what they really are and that they are expressions of God; that they are God talking to God. That's progress!

You might ask how does the pedophilic priest scenario work toward human progress. I see the pedophilic priests as a prime example of souls who volunteered to address an abhorrent issue, long swept under the rug, and resolved to push it right in our public faces, so that we had to process it on many levels. At the end of the day, we'll have a better world, because people responded appropriately. The same can be said about other abhorrent issues such as AIDS, the corruption of Enron and Arthur Anderson, or the preemptive strikes in the name of bogus weapons of mass destruction. Name the seven deadly sins and you'll find a headline, or a marker, in recent history. However you see it, the good news is that, in very few remaining years, the Rapture will be upon us. To measure your own progress, ask yourself, "How will you express yourself, as God?"

Ann: I hope, in my work, and I know many people who are doing profoundly good work, that changes for the good will occur. There are those, however, who have positions where they are just creating so much darkness. I think, by now, we should have had enough consciousness, as a community.

Tek: What you also have to appreciate is that everything you see going on around you is perfect.

Ann: I hear that teaching, but it's very, very hard for me.

Tek: Sure it's hard. You're still asleep. Stop dreaming this stuff!

Ann: When I see little children starving to death, people being raped and murdered, people having their arm chopped off in front of their children, as they do in Africa, it's so hard. I've worked with drug addicts and murderers in the prison system for ten years, and I have to wonder what makes a little child want to be born in the worst part of Manhattan, or in the Bronx, or in Brooklyn? Yet, I am only thirty miles away and my children don't have to live in those kinds of conditions.

Tek: What makes? Why not ask the question, "Why did those children choose those parents and that situation? Let's go back further. Prior to choosing a body and parents to express God on earth, a soul reviews what it has to get in order to raise its vibration. So, it chooses. It's a condition and requirement of one's choices. I don't feel badly that the child chose that, because that is what the soul required to get what it needed. Remember, the script is perfect.

Remember, we usually don't mourn moving from one house to another, because we don't identify ourselves as the house from which we are leaving. In reality, the same is true about our bodies housing our souls. We may mistake our bodies as us, but they are not us. We are not physical humans having a spiritual experience. We are angelic souls, who have come to earth to have a physical experience.

Ann: I'm middle class, comfortable, educated and sophisticated, but can I say that to a young mother whose child has just been murdered in front of her eyes? That she chose this and that her child chose to be chopped into little pieces in front of her?

Tek: Probably not.

Ann: So, how is that of value to know that for the people who might be reading your interview?

Tek: Well, all men are not created equal.

Ann: That's true and all women are not created equal.

Tek: So, we are at different levels of readiness to hear.

Ann: If we get to do all things, though, we don't get to do it in an orderly fashion.

Tek: According to you.

Ann: So, you think there is an orderly state?

Tek: Certainly there is an orderly state, but I don't think the human mind can expect to wrap itself around the order. I think we've got to review that when we're outside of space and time, as a little angelic soul.

Ann: Well, here we are, in America, in duality. Why is it that we, as Americans, have this great abundance when there are countries where people are starving to death, if there is a God?

Tek: This is because we are imperialists and because our free will is dictating the script.

Ann: Americans?

Tek: Sure.

Ann: I understand that.

Tek: We stole this country from the Native Americans; we stole and continue to steal resources, such as oil, in the Middle East, which is what the Iraqi war is all about. Our power center is imperialism and we are pirates, on a global scale, and masters of propaganda. That's why.

Ann: Where is our consciousness? So, we're really low consciousness?

Tek: That is why the planet is dark.

Ann: Is there any place on the planet that is light?

Tek: Certainly, there are points of light. I am a point of light and you are, too, to share the light with the others.

Ann: We need more of us.

Tek: Absolutely! That's our job to spread the light.

Ann: We do and I'm trying, but it's not easy.

What would be the highest form of sharing the light at this moment in time?

Tek: Perhaps the highest form of sharing the light, at this moment in time, is to remind everyone who and what you are, in a way they can hear, and ask, "What if you were told that you only had up to 2012 to make a difference? How would you reorder your life? Would you remove the clutter of your relationships, your fears and your worries? What serves you? Would you eliminate the dross and what doesn't serve you? Imagine, just for the remaining time, that you are an expression of God and how you want that expression to take place. Always take the high road. If you're not clear and you're at a point of not knowing what to do, ask Spirit, 'What would you do in my situation?'" You will know in an instant. Then, do it and don't question. Don't let the chatter interfere.

Ann: Do you have the skill to do that, now?

Tek: Yes, I asked to receive that ability in 1979 and it turned on like a tap.

Ann: You can really hear?

Tek: Sure, as clearly as I hear you. I'm in continual communication with the Creator. Creator prepped me for this conversation and Creator is editing the final text to His/Her complete satisfaction, but I wasn't always that way.

It wasn't very long ago when I couldn't look at a twenty-dollar bill and see Jackson, who massacred my Indian people, without revolting me. I have moved off of that side of the seesaw and come to the pivot point. The pivot point is between good and evil. That's to be at the point of balance. This is the point at which we seek to restore our life and balance. So, if you're angry, then understand that you're out of balance and you need to get back to balance. In other words, taking one side validates the existence of the other side.

Ann: What if you're in despair?

Tek: You're out of balance.

Ann: I can see using your consciousness to dispel anger, but despair is harder.

Tek: All you have to do is to step back. Step back, further and further, until you can see the bigger picture that is going on. I mentioned the bigger picture about the holocaust, which for me was an excellent answer. It isn't the answer for everyone. Everyone has to seek his, or her, own truth. My truth isn't necessarily another's truth.

Ann: So, this isn't the answer, but it is an answer.

Tek: Yes, but I think that the answer is to seek the balance. You are a part of the One. And now might be a good time to draw a finer line on this issue. Many people are genuinely concerned about abortion, because they believe abortion is taking a life. I once met the Angel of Death and immediately questioned, "At what moment is a life taken?" The Angel of Death explained that the answer is embedded in the Truth at what moment is life given. Life is given at the moment that the baby takes its first breath of life. That first breath is God's breath, which reminds us that the air we breathe is God's breath and each breath is sacred. I mentioned this, briefly, to you outside of the interview, and you indicated that you have regressed people, who related their memories, as a fetus in utero. At 4:30, the following morning, I received this clarification to what you reported, which I immediately wrote down:

"From the moment of conception to the moment of the first breath, the soul witnesses the construction of the fetus. At birth, the soul moves into the body with its first breath."

It is not surprising that people remember being present to witness the construction of their body, as we might observe the construction of our new home. However, we would not move into the home before it was completed and we do not move into our baby body until either it's construction is completed, or is forced by circumstances to take its first breath. Therefore, although abortion prevents the first breath and, therefore, the soul's occupation of the body, abortion is not taking a life.

Getting back to the big picture, it's your choice, as to whether you are choosing the illusion of duality, or not, but it's time to wake up. If you choose not to seek this balance, then you will continue to experience things even worse than we have already experienced. It's your choice. Shakespeare was right, "All the world is a stage.” It's an illusion and you can get out of that costume.

Ann: So, in closing, it's about choice.

Tek: It's about choice, empowered by free will and remembering. If you're in doubt, simply ask yourself, "How do I choose to be the expression of God for the remaining time?" If you simply follow that, then you'll be fine.

Ann: That means on a day-to-day, hour-by-hour basis?

Tek: Absolutely. God doesn't take a vacation. The best we can do for Him/Her, for us, is to Lighten up!

Ann: I thank you for your time and we'll close there.

Tek: Bless you.

Additional information:

Tek: When I was editing this transcript, I passed it by one of my mentors, Shona Harden, to cover any glaring omissions. Shona offered a conversation she recently had with Spirit (God).

Shona: The Oneness is what you make it. It's more appropriately an Everythingness.

Spirit: What if you do think of the I AM presence?

Shona: It's all of us. Everything that is. It's Love.

Spirit: What does your "little kid" think of the I AM presence?

Shona: Pretty harsh life. learning lessons.

Spirit: What if there were no lessons to learn? Every piece of your body has consciousness and is creating the illusion of what you call reality. You may see the I AM presence in any way you choose.

Shona: We qualify God any way we choose, not only consciously, but also by our bodies and by our (inner child or) "little kid."

Therefore, this understanding re-frames what our bodies have understood. For instance, that our parents are God. Our religious upbringing bears on it. The body has blockages understanding itself as God. If the body sees God as harsh, that's all it can create. Know Thyself.

Shona, then, offered Three Keys:

1. Friendship: The ultimate resolution is friendship. You cannot fight a friend. So, create friendships, as we once shared a field of grain. Return to the simplest things in life.

2. Kindness: You must be kind to yourself before you can be kind to someone else.

3. Gentleness: You must be gentle to yourself before you can be gentle to someone else.

In short,

Our concept of God and ourselves lies in our "little kid," whom we created, as a child, and where each of us must be healed.

It is important to honor each person's I AM and, in so doing, you re-qualify the I AM presence.

We must change the idea of surrender to that of surrendering to our "little kid. Our little kid connects to Heaven and we have to connect to our little kid. The child's perception of free will and God is what really counts.

Questions that must be addressed include:

  • How do we co-create?
  • How do we get in touch with our body and our little kid?
  • How do you get people to the point where they can actually ask these questions?

To find out the answers to these questions and much more, my strongest advice is to take the James Twyman online course: The Art of Spiritual Peacemaking.

[1] The Law of One by Don Elkins, Carla Rueckert and James A. McArty, (L/L Research, P.O. Box 5195, Louisville, KY 40205), January 15, 1981, p. 2-3.

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