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Interview with Christopher Hildebrandt

  • …light, which is our essence, has been so well organized by us so as to blind ourselves to it and the practice. As far as I can see, in any of the wisdom traditions, is the practice of learning how to open the eyes, so that we can shift identification from conditions.
  • …light dispels darkness. We must allow the light to do its work. This is why Christ; Krishna - all these people - came down to lend a hand and to work for good.
  • This is the thing about seeking. This is what I've found. This gaining idea, I want the truth. I wish to unite with God.” This idea is a hindrance. It is a terrible hindrance and, yet, the aspiration must be there. We must allow the aspiration to purify, so that there is nothing selfish. If the aspiration is unselfish, then nothing else is required.
  • Forms were only ever meant to be "a means,” not "an ends.” So, any attachment to form - any form - you have got to let it go.


Christopher Hildebrandt is a Yoga Master Teacher at Karma Yoga Center,
4th Floor, 37 W. 65th St., NY 10023

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