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Sacred Vows Preceding Conception©
by Dale Allen

In 1999, I wrote, produced and directed a musical entitled “Dancers of the Dawn,” at WCT in Westport , Connecticut . The play celebrates the sacred feminine and heralds our era as the time of the integration of the masculine and feminine. The play itself was a powerful and transformative experience for all involved, yet it held an even deeper meaning for me personally. Earlier that year, I had needed to emotionally pull back from years of trying to conceive a child. I had become utterly drained and needed to realize that my “fertility” might lay elsewhere. My husband always offered his support and understanding.

Writing the play was like a birth for me, and for the first time, I was able to enjoy my husband’s assistance on one of my creative projects – he was the lighting technician and was able to witness me in my element. After the rousing success of the play (it broke records for the theater) he and I were off to Switzerland as I had a speaking engagement in Geneva . We toured that enchanting country. I have ancestry in Switzerland through my father’s side. It is truly amazing to be in a place where you can see evidence of your ancestors and where you share common DNA threads with the people. I was buzzing with energy!

My husband and I savored the breathtaking beauty of Switzerland and enjoyed the hospitality of the Swiss people. At the same time, it became apparent to me that I was there for a larger energetic purpose. It was as though I had returned to a place where I’d been before in past lives, and now I had returned with new energy and greater consciousness in order to facilitate a shift. In the medieval historical sites, I could feel a stronghold of energy - a centuries-old grid that held humankind in fear, suspension and polarity. The repression of the sacred feminine is a key piece of this. With my current work, it was as though I had come full circle to witness a healing of the past. Everywhere, we saw the remnants of this history, the intensity of artwork depicting hell and evil, the torture and torment that had taken place in those medieval villages as the old Goddess ways were stamped out in favor of the new religion. And everywhere we toured, I recognized the pain and fear that energetically remained. I did not hide from it nor judge it. I welcomed it into my field in an embrace of love. I witnessed its transmutation and reunion with Love/Oneness.

Our travels took us to beautiful Fribourg and the magnificent 13 th century Cathedral of St. Nicholas. There, another most amazing thing happened. In the cathedral there is a mural depicting Mother Mary holding her Babe, surrounded by angels. As I looked at that mural, I found myself being pulled into it. It was so still and timeless. In that stillness, I felt the pain of my unfulfilled efforts for conception. I had shut down my thoughts and feelings about pregnancy as much as I could, and now I felt myself reeling into them. Tears streamed down my face. But I stayed there, in the stillness, breathing with my feelings, my heart open. I was in that painting. I was Mary holding Jesus. I was the Primordial Mother holding Her Sacred Child. With all my heart and soul I took a sacred vow...

“I want this experience with all my heart and soul.

I am willing to believe in Heaven on Earth.

I am willing to remember my True Nature, My Divinity.

I am willing to bring forth a Being of Light.

I recognize that this Being is arriving at precisely the right moment and in precisely the right package.

I am willing to recognize the Radiance of Her Being even before Her conception and through all the days that I carry Her growing body.

I am willing to support this Being in ways that will allow Him to stay awake, that He may never need to fall into the sleep of forgetting His True Nature.

I am willing to do this by offering the same support to myself.

I am willing to accept all parts of this journey.

I see perfection in His physical form,

I see perfection in the contours of Her mind.

I see perfection in the gifts He brings.

I see the perfection of Her own pace and unique unfolding.

I am willing to hold the vision that love is possible at all times, on every level and in every experience.

I am willing.

I am willing.

I am willing.

Our daughter was conceived that weekend! She is so radiant, magnificent! And, I know that she is not alone - the children coming to our planet are of such an exquisite frequency. In our home, our commitment to transmute patterns of fear has proved very rewarding. We live with a lot of joy. Our daughter is free to carry enormous levels of light – and she does! She began speaking very early, before turning a year. She celebrates with music, song, art, dance and humor. She moves energy masterfully, and carries such a high frequency that her very presence lifts the vibration in others. She loves to write and illustrate books – oh what stories of light, magic, humor, fairies and crystalline realms! She sails through our planet’s shifts and skips along in her child’s body. We follow her lead, and welcome all of her experiences and emotions. How beautiful are the children. May every child be regarded as the Holy One he or she is, as we all commit to transmuting the old patterns and embracing Heaven on Earth.


Dale Allen is a veteran of multinational corporate and commercial communications. Her dynamic performance of In Our Right Minds™ has been described as a “Cape Canaveral lift-off!” She was a featured speaker at the Kauai Wellness Expo with Dr. Wayne Dyer and performs at universities, conferences, corporations, theaters and holistic learning centers around the world.

Dale Allen’s one woman show turns the myths about women and men upside down and inside out. Her performance should be required viewing – not just for women and girls, but for men as well! Her powerful presentation is chock full of information and inspiration!” Suzie Galler, Founder and President, Esteemed Women Foundation.

DVDs are available at, where you can view a 7- minute video preview of the piece. Ms. Allen’s performance schedule is also available online.

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