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The Shift
by Cindy Miller

It is said we are in the process of shifting into a time where the vibration of energy of using our hearts will be a major component when it comes to doing anything in our life.

We will no longer accept taking or playing the role in our life where we are not feeling the joy and love that our heart contains.

We have gone through many cycles here on earth but we have yet to all remain pure of heart as a collective consciousness. The energy that is here now offers us the opportunity to open our hearts fully to be, show and give love all the time. When we are in that state there isn’t any confrontation, lack or competition.

Yes it may seem like nirvana to you and could it possibly be real? But love is all there is.

If we learn to not separate the Spirit from the world and hold our focus on the Creator of our understanding we will not loose sight of our behavior while we are here.

Taking care of our self first by going within, connecting to Source, feeling that heart centered consciousness fill and expand through us than out of us will create and spread the externals of the shift thereby shifting the world. The internal Spirit inside each one of us create the externals we have here in this world.

We are discovering and learning so much more on energy, the uses and ways to work with it. Meditation is one of the key ways of getting in touch with Spirit and you.

In the hustle bustle of life when we slow down and take a breath and reflect we can take that time using this connection as an instant way of remembering how empowered we all are. The power that is in each one of use than may be used to reenergize the world and one another with positive and inspiring action.

The action we are taking is realizing there isn’t anyone who is not a perfect child of God. There is an error in our thinking when we judge rather than be of service. Now we don’t have to rescue everybody for God will step in we simply have to recognize God is already there inside each one of us. Nothing will be forced upon us by Spirit, we just choose the belief that our world contains abundance, light and love. Healing of the lands, ourselves is in the true way to power when we use the love in our hearts here and now.

The shift is a welcome, a welcome in time you might say that is happening in the nick of time. But know this the design of our earth and lives take is held in our hearts and thoughts. So as brothers and sisters to one another go and be as love would do the love is you.

Cindy Miller is an intuitive that works with the angelic realm. Cindy was chosen to be a VIP reader in NYC at the “Largest Gathering of Psychics” to help promote the television show, “Psychic Detective”, on Court TV. Cindy was also part of a psychic panel on Houdini, in NYC, she was interviewed by the New York Times, AM NY and Metro. Cindy co produced and hosted a public tv talk show on self discovery.

She is the founder and President of Trinity Productions an interfaith learning center for mind, body and Spirit ( She studied with Trudy Griswold and the late Barbara Mark and is a certified angelspeake facilitator.

One of her passions is helping people transform their lives. You can reach Cindy at 203-426-9448, or email or visit her web site

© by Cindy Miller.

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