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What is the Shift and How Does it Happen?
by Gloria Amendola

My perception of the shift goes something like this...

The shift is what happens when my thoughts and feelings combine to inspire me to experience a new and different vision of my world. Sometimes I shift by myself, and other times I shift with those who are willing to undergo this process together.

When I shift, I let go of ideas, beliefs, and behavioral patterns that no longer serve me. They are released from my energy field and transmuted by the power of my clear and focused intention. Then and only then, can I draw new and different vibrations to me.

Like the Fool in the Tarot deck, I begin the journey in blind faith - knowing something different is required, even if I am clueless. Just be willing, I remind myself.

What emerges is the unfolding of my story, layer by layer. At times I stop and play for awhile, living my life, and dancing the dance with my shadow. Then something happens and it is time to move along, shifting once again.

Each Tarot Trump has a number at the top of the card; each number holds a frequency and a meaning. It is a pathway of 22 steps. Some say 22 is an ancient symbol for a circle, which represents the vastness of infinity. Some believe it symbolizes the 22 letters of the original Hebrew alphabet. Others say it means the manifestation of light.

The completion of the 22-step Tarot Trumps leads me to an “aha” connection, a defining moment in my personal evolution. This cycle is embodied in the ancient alchemical symbol of the ouroboros, an image of a serpent swallowing its tail, birthing itself again.

I create expansion in my life – which can also be called abundance – or living life more fully – once I shift my perceptions of powerlessness to ones of empowerment. This is what I believe Jesus was referring to when he said the kingdom of God is within me.

My emotions are the catalyst for moving into this expanded awareness. My feelings carry the necessary charge to create an energetic shift. When I walk my talk, the process unfolds before me. Sometimes I may have to stand in the fire. I may have to sit with discomfort and uncertainty. I may even have to rise from the ashes of my own self-destruction, but these unexpected twists and turns can be quite a revelation.

My task is to accept the feelings I have about thoughts that drain my energy, overwhelm me, and stress me out. Once I see the reflection of what my life is showing me, I can make a choice to change my life, even if that change scares me. I may have been conditioned to fear change, but change is what yields my harvest.

Releasing emotions such as shame and fear and guilt raise my frequency and move me more fully into the field of presence. Standing in the here and now, I tap into my potential in ways that excite me, allowing the flow of synchronicity to ignite the magic.

When I trust myself and let go of my resistance, the shift happens naturally. This unfolding into increased states of awareness moves me closer to understanding why I came here at this time – which for me may just be – to shift and expand and experience the love...

Gloria Amendola is an intuitive who has a passion for working with clients to help them uncover deeper truths on their life path and release the blocks that impede their conscious understanding. She is a Reiki Master who is trained in the Christ Template Activation Process and Soul Recovery techniques.

Gloria writes and is an avid researcher. She has written about and been interviewed on metaphysics and spirituality, Christ consciousness, the Magdalene Mysteries, the divine feminine, and dreams - some of her favorite subjects.

She facilitates workshops and conferences on the Magdalene and the Knights Templar. She teaches people about the meaning of dreams and the dimension of the dreamtime, and how to awaken their intuition through shamanic journeys.

She travels to national and international sacred sites to observe and experience the power of the hidden realms and the protocol of myth and legends.

Her original plays have been produced in New Haven, New York and Seattle.

She has just finished her first novel called The Tower and the Dream – Awakening to the Ancient Voices. It is a story of Marta’s experiences following the voices that lead her back to the desert lands of the American Southwest and a curious message she receives along the way – one that will change her life forever.

You can find out more by visiting Gloria’s website at

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