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Conscious Evolution
by Rev. Marion Odgers

“Conscious Evolution is a new worldview that is now emerging rapidly and garnering worldwide interest and support. It acknowledges that humankind has attained unprecedented powers to affect, control and change the evolution of life on Earth.”i

The Shift of The Ages

One has only to switch on the news and see what is going on in the world to realize that something of radically significant proportions is occurring. Mankind has never lived in times of such prosperity and technological capability, yet the disproportionate sharing of this wealth and knowledge is leaving many thousands of people displaced and in gut-wrenching poverty to die each day from malnutrition and starvation. Medical advancements have extended human life beyond our wildest imaginings, eradicating illnesses and alleviating disablements that seemed to be an impossible dream only a generation ago. Yet, the sick in poorer nations, as well as in many of the wealthier ones, still aren't receiving adequate care or are being refused medical services outright. Terrorism, it’s own form of insidious disease, has cast its malevolent shadow over the entire world, manifesting as ‘the terrorist within’ and feeding voraciously upon all our fears. Where once we could expect to feel safe traveling to or from our homes and workplace or stepping onto a plane, bus or subway, few do so now without a fleeting surge of adrenaline, fearful at the thought of what such a normal, everyday action may bring. Wars and acts of genocide rage on in distant lands and innocent civilian populations face the horrifying specter of death on a daily basis. For those fortunate enough to live in a place with even the most basic of human freedoms, regularly televised images depicting these unimaginably grotesque spectacles can be switched on or off with just the click of a button. To top it all off, unpredictable natural disasters that are taking a multitude of lives in the blink of an eye are occurring so frequently that one might even consider this to be the norm. What is at the root of this unprecedented time in human history?

“Many ancient texts have revealed that change is precisely what this time in earth and human history is all about. Almost all universally ancient calendars, written codices and verbal prophecies point to now, these days, as being a time of unprecedented change in human and earth history referenced as The Shift of the Ages. Additionally, we are told that the changes yield a world within our earthly reality that mirrors a familiar place in our collective memory; a time before time began.”ii

We are living in fast-paced, changing times filled with precipitous extremes and, simultaneously, the world is shrinking, becoming a much smaller place where all the aforementioned events are no longer far enough away to simply ignore. Today, with the advanced portable communication systems that any person of modest income can own in his or her own home or carry in a pocket, we can log on to the Internet and speak to anyone, anywhere in the world, exchanging ideas and opinions instantly in an ongoing interplay of dialogue on a limitless array of topics from social and cultural values to political or religious beliefs. To all intents and purposes the world in now awake to the notion that there is much more out there than was previously believed. It is the realization that we can no longer remain isolated and snug in our own microcosmic versions of the world. This outer-level awakening is occurring in leaps and bounds and is accompanied by a growing dissatisfaction with the old world paradigm within which we sat back in the comfort of our homes, being spoon-fed our belief systems about our world at large. As a result of this awakening, people, everywhere, are questioning just what it is that could be keeping us apart and separate from one another.

If you're amongst those who are sensing this shift, then you're in very good company. All of us, whether cognizant of it or not, are being carried upon the increasingly powerful undercurrent of mass consciousness. A critical mass of individuals is being reached – some claim that this may have already occurred - wherein the old ways of functioning in our world no longer seem to fit the new mold. Disgruntled with the traditionally held boundaries that keep us insulated from our fellow human beings, we are sensing a whole new realm of possibility on the horizon; one in which we are working harmoniously and cooperatively in unison, while maintaining individual expressions of race, culture and creed in order to draw upon the vast wealth of creative human potential.

“Conscious Evolution is at the core a spiritually motivated endeavor. Its precepts reside at the heart of every great faith, affirming that humans have the potential of being co- creators with Spirit, with the deeper patterns of nature and universal design.”iii

This new awareness – this Conscious Evolution - has been dubbed by our foremost, contemporary spiritual teachers as "The New Spirituality". It is the awareness that spirituality is not just a ritualistic way to live life, but a way of being. Being awake in the moment provides the clarity to see that we are much more than the sum total of our life experiences or any of the labels we assign habitually to ourselves. Rather, the awake individual views these kinds of mind-identifications as mere illusions, knowing that when these illusions are entertained, they are what keep us locked in separation from one another. Perhaps most significantly, self-mastery during this time of shift equips us to interpret life’s challenges in all their extremes, not as obstacles, but as opportunities to know the truest and highest versions of our selves. Living fully in integrity in this way, we no longer resort to solving problems at the same level at which they were created. Instead, we intuit spiritual problems, as they arise, enabling us to work purposefully together with co-creative intent to reveal lasting spiritual solutions.

What is “Conscious Evolution”?

Barbara Marx Hubbard, the political and social reformist, futurist and visionary, was the first to coin the phrase Conscious Evolution. She is considered to be the matriarchal founder of this vision and her writings will provide even the most casual reader with an enriched understanding of the term. However, for the purposes of this article, let’s begin with a brief study of each of these words, independently of one another.

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines consciousness as a state in which we are awake, as opposed to sleeping or being in a vegetative state, aware and noticing things with some degree of perception and apprehension. This definition, however, only describes consciousness in clinical terms, as a strictly linear, scientifically measurable state of awareness. Similarly, when describing consciousness in the context of spirituality, we might use the word in conversation as if it is a tangible, regularly scheduled item on our “to do” list for the day. Nevertheless, this word holds much more meaning in terms of a profound, inner experience than a simplistic, dictionary definition or loose description of it can offer.

Eckhart Tolle in his recent book, “A New Earth – Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose”iv, comments that “consciousness is already conscious, the unmanifested”. He goes on to explain that although the universe is only gradually coming into consciousness, it is actually formless, timeless and eternal and does not need to evolve. Therefore, when consciousness does manifest within our universe, it then becomes subject to the constraints of time and thus it appears to undergo an evolutionary process. Consciousness is also the unknowable. In asking what it is, we will always be left without answers as to its nature. This is because knowing anything places us in the realm of duality where there is a subject and object, an experiencer and an experience, a knower and the known. In the moment that the mind identifies with consciousness and assigns labels to the experience of it, it is falsified. This is because the ego seeks to conceptualize a conscious experience into just another object of form. Consciousness, says Tolle, is the traditional word for “spirit” and the formless, eternal I AM must remain forever unknowable, making the seeking or defining of it a futile exercise. It is the space between our thoughts where no thought forms exist.

Before going any further with this, let’s take a look at the second part of this equation. The word evolution is defined as a process of movement and continuous change, a period of growth or development in a certain direction, usually from a simpler state to one that is more complex and functional. This word is often used to describe the historical development of a biological group (a race or species) or a gradual, peaceful movement of social, political or economic advancement. What is clear, by its very definition, is that evolution is an all-inclusive term, describing a process in which the whole universe (form), consisting of inter-related and interdependent phenomena, is in a state of perpetual change and progression. The direct opposite of evolution is a state of regression or devolution, thus planting both states firmly in the realm of duality.

In addressing the concept of Conscious Evolution, therefore, we appear to be faced with a fascinating dichotomy. How is it that we, as a species, can be evolving from a formless state beyond the realm of duality that can never be known, defined or intellectualized, but already is, into a predicted state made manifest in form? In other words, if consciousness is the driving force of form, how can humans have any foreknowledge of the direction in which we are headed, if our starting point is within the realm of the unknowable? The very nature of evolution is, of course, to move or progress from what is known (with some degree of accuracy) to what can only be predicted, based on our knowledge of the past and the formulation of scientifically projected outcomes. The point being that the current scientific model of evolution requires some sort of starting place that is, at the very least, somewhat known.

Yet, buried deeply within the paradox of the term “Conscious Evolution”, lies it’s blessing. It is the promise of a new world order that springs from the I AM presence of each human being on planet earth; a formless, spiritual evolution to which we are all gradually awakening, unrestricted by the usual bounds of linear time. Divine Order is not human order and, as consciousness manifests into form, it is nudging us all – gently, but sometimes more forcefully - from the deep and dream-filled sleep of action-reaction to our true birthright, as creators, co-creating within the divine template of creation.

Awakening From The Dream

For thousands of years, humanity has been lost in a dream, the dream of being completely immersed in the experience of daily living. Driven by every projected thought and emotion conceivable, mankind has cleverly avoided witnessing itself as “the Experiencer” (otherwise described as, the Objective Observer, Higher Self, Watched Watcher, I AM Presence or Silent Witness). This old world paradigm, however, is shifting and it is doing so at an exponential rate. This is evidenced by the increasing numbers of people who are beginning to intuit that there is more out there than just the unconscious, dysfunctional patterns of human behavior that are played out repeatedly, each and every day. Further, although consciousness cannot be known on the level of reason and intellect, it is being experienced and, as this occurs, people everywhere are waking up to the essence of their divine potential.

When this awakening occurs, the Experiencer transcends the incessant mind-chatter of the human ego and becomes acutely aware of the inner realm of formless space. It is the ultimate transcendental experience, to which all the great spiritual masters have alluded. Initially, it is a fleeting, exhilarating moment of utter clarity, but once experienced, one can return to this formless space as easily as inhaling and noticing the pause before exhalation. Remaining any longer than a few seconds in this formless space is largely futile says Tolle, because as soon as one’s mind becomes aware of this state of being, it wants to fill the void with labels in order to make sense of the experience. However, once experienced, we have touched the place where the true Self, the Experiencer, resides and we are forever changed. In effect, we have become aware that we are aware of the eternal wellspring of inner wisdom and self-knowledge. When we dare to awaken this innate capacity, all the ways in which the small self (the ego) has been allowed to become the unconscious director of our lives quickly becomes apparent. We notice how we have allowed the mind and its conditionings to manipulate our creations and miscreations. It is the moment of awakening to the universally guiding principle of “As within, so without”, as we begin to notice how our inner world has previously led us, quite unconsciously, to shape and define our outer reality. It is also the moment in which we begin to perceive the world of outer experience in a whole new way, without labels and judgment, in full acceptance of what is, as is.

“To awaken within the dream is our purpose now. When we are awake within the dream, the ego-created earth drama comes to an end and a more benign and wondrous dream arises. This is the new earth.”

In combination, these two words – Conscious Evolution – offer an astounding insight into the progression of humanity, as we become individually aware of our ability to go within to awaken from the ego-driven dream. As individual awareness opens and expands, the collective power of humanity to effect positive growth and change in our outer world also opens and expands. We are standing at a pivotal turning point in human history, but “The Shift of the Ages” need not be an age that leaves us drowning in fear and despair; rather, we are living in times holding great potential for dramatically shifting our current worldview in conscious evolution.

A Model For Conscious Evolution

When James Redfield penned a thrilling fictional adventure novel, entitled, “The Celestine Prophecyvi, in the early 1990s, he essentially pinpointed and laid out, through a series of nine insights contained in an ancient manuscript, the prophesized stages of humanity’s collective awakening and ending in a prediction of where it would ultimately lead. What was so intriguing about this first publication in The Celestine Prophecy series was that Redfield was unable to find a publisher. Deciding to self-publish, this book literally made its way to the NY Times Best Seller’s List by word of mouth. Subsequent to the book’s incredible success in the United States, it has also been translated into many other languages for worldwide distribution. It was clear that even if corporate America was not willing to invest in an unknown author, the rest of the world was eager and open to hear this book’s message. It was an undeniable sign of the emerging collective consciousness and brilliantly exemplifying The Celestine Prophecy’s subject matter.

The insights Redfield described spoke of a spiritual awakening that was occurring in human culture, anchored in by a critical mass of individuals who were beginning to experience life, as a spiritual unfolding, guided by synchronicity, the moving force of the universe. The manuscript described this spiritual awakening as a phenomenon that would transform our current worldview to one that is more complete, replacing a centuries old preoccupation with secular survival, comfort and humanity’s more recent preoccupation with the evolvement of outer technologies. This spiritual evolution would open up mankind to its highest purpose, bringing us into alignment with the functioning of our universe and a deep connection to the universal Source via our inner technology. This awakening would lead us to understand that we live within a universe that is not material, but composed of dynamic energy that we are able to sense and project by simply focusing our attention in a particular direction. By moving into alignment with the flow of creation, we find we are able to influence this energy field, which, in turn, serves to increase the synchronicities in our lives that lead us forward.

Redfield points to the source of all human conflict, the ego, describing how it seeks to control our reality and to cut us off from the universal power Source, resulting in the feeling of loss of power and the need to manipulate others in competition. In being aware that we are aware, however, we are able to rise above the ego’s manipulations to reconnect with our power Source, by directing our attention back to the formless state of inner beingness to which the ancient mystics of all spiritual traditions point. Once experienced, a sense of lightness and buoyancy pervades our being.

By continuing to remain connected to our inner Source of energy, the awareness of the ego’s manipulations broadens, clearly showing us the triggers that cause us to compete for energy with others. Aware of these triggers and with the growing ability to observe these tendencies, we are more able to sidestep our own unconscious rules of engagement in conflict situations. The inner connection to Source energy then expands even further, opening us up to a reverence for all life, thereby enabling us to contribute co-creatively to more spiritually motivated endeavors. In the process, the discovery of our true paths and missions in life are revealed.

As consciousness expands in this way, our intuitive capability increases and we become more aware of the frequency of synchronicities that occur in answer to our current life questions. Intuitive guidance in the shape of dreams, daydreams, intuitions and messages from others arrive at precisely the right time. Redfield describes what he calls “the interpersonal ethic”, an evolved form of co-creativity that assists us in remaining open to receiving messages from those who synchronously cross our paths. By remaining receptive in this way, we automatically uplift others, enabling them to engage their own inner wisdom when transmitting their message to us. This holds true for all kinds of relationships, whether it is a business, platonic, romantic or parent to child relationship.

The Celestine Prophecy ends with a clear vision for humanity during this time of Conscious Evolution. As we shift away from the old, self-destructive patterns of competing for energy and towards our highest spiritual potential, we evolve collectively towards a culture that is oriented to co-creative growth and less focused on outer technologies, as a means for survival. By being in harmony with the universal flow, we begin to “vibrate” at a frequency that brings us into unifying alignment with Source and also with one another.

The Science of Collective Consciousness - The Unifying Force of the Universe

The word “vibrating” may well conjure up images of whacky New Agers all omming, cross-legged in a circle. Indeed, The Celestine Prophecy’s vision for the Conscious Evolution of humanity has been criticized for being ultra-utopian and somewhat far-fetched. As a fictional novel, employing some amount of artistic license to illustrate basic spiritual principles, this may well be true. However, before dismissing Redfield’s vision too fast, let’s take a brief layman’s look at what physicists now know with some degree of certainty about our universe.

It is generally accepted that what we are seeing with our own two eyes is not an accurate depiction of the universe in which we live. Take the example of a snail, given by Deepak Chopra in his book, “How to Know Godvii. Chopra, a medical doctor and man of science, explains that what we know about snails is that they view their world in a series of relatively slow, still frames, similar to the frames put together in a filmstrip for a movie. Thus, if you wave your hand in front of a snail, it would be unable to see it, because it’s moving too fast. You would have to hold your hand very still, for a second or two, in order for the snail to actually see it. Chopra goes on to say that humans perceive images in the same way, in a series of moving frames, but just at a faster rate. Of course, it stands to reason that we are able to see our own waving hand. Not only would it be difficult for us to function, if we couldn’t see the movements of our own hands, but we also have a more evolved neurological system and brain capacity than a snail. Conversely, however, it also begs the question, “What aren’t we seeing in our universe that may be moving at a faster rate than we are able to perceive?”

Furthermore, physicists now know that the solid objects we see in our world, aren’t solid, at all. Everything within the universe is a constantly vibrating, moving mass of energy. Even the chair you are sitting on isn’t solid, but constantly changing beneath you. Of course, we know that the chair will, over time, age and fall apart, but the thought that a chair is in a constant state of shift is not something that anyone really contemplates to any extent when sitting on it. Added to this, at the quantum level, physicists know that every particle in the universe contains what are known as “quarks”, which are tiny, vibrating strands of energy. These strands are in a constant state of vibration and the extent to which a quark vibrates will determine the form that a group of these particles will take (in the case of the chair, the wood from which it is made). The vibrating quark phenomenon has been compared to the strings on a guitar, which will vibrate at varying sound frequencies to produce different notes. In this way, it is found that humans will vibrate at a faster rate, for example, than a chair. However, it is also known that under certain conditions, this vibration is able to change and appears to contain a consciousness all its own.

In a series of sermons, entitled “Quantum Christianity”, given by Reverend Patricia Pearce, in April 2005viii, she described a kind of “quantum weirdness” that has been uncovered that seems to get even weirder upon further investigation. This is because, at the particle level, quantum physicists discovered that when there are two united particles that are spinning in one direction, if you then separate them and set one of the particles to spin in the opposite direction, the other particle will follow suit and alter its spin instantly to mirror it. This immediate change in spin leaves no time for reaction and is completely simultaneous, faster than the speed of light. Although no satisfactory explanation has been given for this phenomenon to date, the implication is that even though particles may be separated, they are still functioning as one, driven by some, as yet, unobservable, intelligent unifying force.

In 1981, an English biologist, by the name of Rupert Sheldrake, published his book, “A New Science of Life: The Hypothesis of Formative Causationix. Although his theories remain controversial, Sheldrake hypothesized that throughout the universe there is indeed an invisible, all-encompassing organizing field, which he dubbed a “morphogenic field”. Further, that this invisible field, unbounded by time or space, determines the form and the behavior of all systems and organisms. What this means is that if something causes a change in a particular biological system or species in one part of the world, this change has the potential for altering like-systems and species everywhere else in the world. Thus, Sheldrake’s theory seemed to provide an answer for the transmission of “learned behaviors”, such as the ones uncovered in 1920 by William McDougallx, a Harvard psychologist. In his studies, McDougall trained successive generations of rats to swim in mazes, finding that later generations were able to swim ten times faster than their forebears when starting out in the mazes. What was even more astonishing, however, was that first-generation rats, just starting out in similar maze-swimming studies in other countries, were getting through their mazes at the same advanced pace as the later generation rats in McDougall’s studies. Thus, according to Sheldrake’s resonance theory, McDougall’s rats appeared to have established a resonant field that retained this learning and was transmitted to all rats, regardless of location in the world, creating universally raised levels of evolved behaviors.

"When your intention is to transfer loving energy, there is no way you can fail... because in the subtle realms intention is action.”xi

More recently, Dr Masaru Emoto of Japan, another pioneer on the scientific fringes, has been studying the effects of human intention on water. His studies have been extensive and have also proven quite intriguing. To elaborate briefly, he will take samples of very polluted water and freeze them. Later, upon inspecting the ice crystals that have formed, they are seen consistently to be malformed and discolored. Then, he will take more samples of the same polluted water. This time, however, in advance of freezing, he will project loving thoughts toward the samples, play classical music, or simply place labels on the water containers, that say something like “love”, “peace” or “gratitude”. After freezing and later examination of the sample, the results have been startling and the effects the same, regardless of the language used; beautiful, clearly defined crystals have been formed. Emoto has published his work in a fully illustrated book called, “The Hidden Messages in Waterxii and he has, without reservation, indicated that his results speak for themselves. That is, that our intentions have the power to transform the all-pervading, intelligent resonance field of our universe. When considering that the average adult human body consists of 60% water, this has important implications, not only in the realm of personal health and how our mental state may affect it, but also in terms of how our collective intentions impact our outer reality on the global level.

Today, in the news, an article appeared, entitled, "Connecticut City Hopes Music Will Clean Up Parkxiii, beautifully depicting Emoto's work in conscious action. In an attempt to reduce crime in Barnard Park , Hartford , Connecticut , activists are proposing to play recordings of classical music. A local resident said she came up with the idea when she had read about a similar project that was carried out in West Palm Beach , Florida . There, crime was reduced by as much as forty percent when classical music was played in parks. Cities across Canada and Australia have reported success with similar results.

Gregg Braden, a leading contemporary spiritual teacher who formerly worked in aerospace and the earth sciences, has authored numerous books on the subject of human consciousness and “The Lost Mode Of Prayer”xiv. In a nutshell, he says that our intentions hold untold power to transform our earthly existence. To exemplify this, he describes a Native American mode of prayer, which is to pray as if what we wish to manifest is already in existence. So, for instance, if more rain is required by a Native American community for their crops, they won’t pray for rain, but will “pray rain”, fully envisioning and bringing the experience of rain in at the level of feeling its occurrence in the present moment. Braden states that this form of prayer is an affirmation of the intelligent, all-pervading field of resonance and our capacity to co-create with it. Native Americans seem, to all intents and purposes, to have amazing success with this form of prayer, as opposed to prayers of supplication, which instead affirm a state of lack in the present moment. In other words, this form of prayer works on the premise that the universe doesn’t judge our intentions and simply responds to them. So, if we pray, “I need more money”, we can literally expect to receive more of the same, a need for more money. Not surprisingly, it is also the same method for conscious manifestation offered by Jesus when he taught, “Whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”xv

Consciousness and the Silent Witness Within

While all of the aforementioned spiritual prophecies and scientific theories seem to indicate that there is a vast, invisible and universally available energetic resource that is advancing the conscious progress of humanity, it still brings us back to our original starting point. This is because all thought, theory or prophecy, must remain limited to the realm of form and, thus, remain firmly in duality and open to subjective interpretation. Nothing, however, can replace the experience of the silent witness within.

To illustrate, as a youth, I remember taking an afternoon stroll with my father through a park, in England . We were right in my father’s old childhood stomping grounds and he naturally reminisced about a time when he would go to play for hours by a small creek that ran through the park. In this place, he discovered the undeniable beauty and majesty of nature, the darting tadpoles turning into frogs, the countless variety of buzzing insects that pollinated the wildflowers at the creek’s edge and the roaming deer that came to drink at it, all abiding instinctually by the patterns of the changing seasons. Here, in this place and at that tender age, he told me that he had found his calling to veterinary medicine. Being an inquisitive child who was endlessly interested in the mysteries of this world, I asked my father a question, and his answer had a very profound impact in my own life and calling. I asked how he could possibly believe in a Creator, when science had a very reasonable explanation for our evolutionary origins. His face suddenly softened, full of wonder, as he replied, encouraging me to sense the underlying, organizing intelligence that connects all living and non-living things in the diverse dance of life. In spite of his many years as a practicing veterinarian, he conceded that there was one thing that science was unable to explain, but which had caused him to trust in a Divine Source of all life. It was, he said, the unseen life force, common to all living things; the same life force that causes a flower to emerge through the ground from a tiny seed, a caterpillar to transform into a beautiful butterfly or that same intelligence that directs a tadpole to turn into a frog. His words depicted a brilliant, awe-inspiring design in all of life, the interdependence of all living things, where if one part of that system fails, the whole fails. It was the profound reverence with which he spoke these words that resonated within me as truth. Today, I realize that his words were not unlike those of Barbara Marx Hubbard, when she described a newly emerging humanity “wherein the separate parts discover how to grow as cooperating members of one living body.xvi

So it is, that each one of us can pursue life, searching for answers to all its mysteries in the outer world of form, but it is the Experiencer within, the Silent Witness emanating from the unknown, the eternal and the formless, that will awaken us to the truest essence of our being. Once awakened, a profound reverence for all life springs forth, as we tap into the universal consciousness. Transformed in this way, all our actions and interactions within the world of form are born from a place of unifying co-creativity with all life.

The Birth of a New Humanity

Conscious Evolution means that we must improve our ability to use our powers ethically and effectively (consciously) to achieve a positive future (evolve).xvii

The prophetic visions of past and present spiritual teachers, concerned with a future founded on spiritual principles, are coming to fruition. In the business world, we are seeing the implementation of more effective systems of communication to approach problem solving in the workplace, from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)xviii to Appreciative Inquiryxix. In the world of politics, we are currently witnessing the birth of a new Department of Peacexx, dedicated to resolving conflict and violence by peaceful means, both at home in the U.S. and abroad, led by Congressman Kucinich. This has inspired other similarly enlightened politicians in many other countries, worldwide, to partner up with this movement to build Peace Departments within their own respective nation states. Online spiritual communities, such as the Seminary of Spiritual Peacemakingxxi led by world-renowned peace troubadour, James Twyman, and Humanity’s Teamxxii, headed up by Neale Donald Walsch, patriarch of the “New Spirituality”, are emerging in response to inner callings and public response. Inspired, enterprising individuals, everywhere, are forming spiritually focused inter-faith communities, or investing all their time, effort and resources into starting peace, justice and healing centers. These are but a few examples of the ways in which Conscious Evolution is manifesting outwardly and gathering momentum in our world, today.

Perhaps what reflects this Conscious Evolution best are the exponentially growing numbers of individuals who are quietly awakening and discovering that peace and harmony is a state of being that never stopped existing, at all, in spite of all the madness and chaos that is seen and experienced in our world, and that it was never about finding ways to make, to do, or to force peace, but to simply be peace.

Kenneth Ring, author of “Heading Toward Omega”xxiii, writes eloquently about the birth of a new humanity, sharing what he foresees as the primary characteristics of the awakened human:

Homo noeticus is the name I give to the emerging form of humanity. “Noetics” is a term meaning the study of consciousness and that activity is a primary characteristic of… the new breed. Because of their deepened awareness and self-understanding, they do not allow the traditionally imposed forms, controls, and institutions of society to be barriers to their full development. Their changed psychology is based on expression of feeling, not suppression. The motivation is cooperative and loving, not competitive and aggressive. Their logic is multilevel/integrated/simultaneous, not linear/sequential/either-or. Their sense of identity is embracing-collective, not isolated-individual…”

A Time of Miracles

We are living at a momentous time in human history. Although it seems to be manifesting as a time filled with unnerving uncertainty, unsettling upheaval and turbulent change, never has humanity been offered such a tremendous opportunity, a choice point, to be living up to its inherent conscious potential. Patricia Aburdene, author of "Megatrends 2010"xxiv, says we are witnessing "the greatest megatrend of our era", a period when "spiritually motivated endeavors are expanding worldwide, not just within people, but also from people's individual consciousness to a societal consciousness ". Indeed, it could be said that this "megatrend" is the very purpose for which we are here on earth, now.

Miracles have been described as events that surpass all human understanding, the outer expression of which hold divine inner meaning. If miracles truly exist, then we are surely living in a time of miracles, miracles that we, as a collective, are co-creating in this "The Shift of the Ages”.

Marion attributes her calling in spiritual mentoring to an early life spent living in many of the world’s most impoverished, developing nations. As a child, unable to speak the indigenous languages, she naturally discovered other ways to communicate successfully to bridge the gap of separation. As a result, she awoke to a profound inner knowing that while wondrously unique in our individuality, life experiences, religious beliefs and cultural backgrounds, each human being shares a common thread of divinity that calls from deep within to live the highest expression of one’s self. We are all different, yet the same.

Over the course of many years, Marion has followed her heart's calling to study spirituality and self-mastery in great depth. Drawing upon both the richness of this study and her own life experiences, she has formulated "A Course In Spiritual Self-Mastery " to offer to others.

Marion ’s perspectives on human potential are reflected in her unique style of personal mentoring, encouraging those whom she mentors to engage in aligning consciously with their highest life purpose and calling. In discovering the profoundly life-altering inner peace that this form of self-inquiry brings, she believes that we are each then able to extend our peace and compassion out into the world as living emissaries.

Marion has been conducting workshops and individual or group study, both in-person and online, since 1998.

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