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Spiritual Healing and Wholeness
by Rev. Ann Emerson

Love is not something you do, Love is a way of being. And more than that is simply being, being with another person, however that may be. Holding no judgments, having no agendas, no desire to control, no need to prove you love, no intrusion upon their soul. Nothing but total acceptance of their being, born of your acceptance of yours...

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Healing the Planet One Step at a Time
by Gillian Corcoran

To the uninitiated and skeptical, a labyrinth isn’t much to look at—just a long, winding path filling a circle laid out on a flat surface. Watching an individual walk slowly along that path with downcast gaze gives little indication that something transformative may be happening. Even when the person exits the labyrinth, there may be little sign of change or difference...

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Conscious Evolution
by Rev. Marion Odgers

One has only to switch on the news and see what is going on in the world to realize that something of radically significant proportions is occurring. Mankind has never lived in times of such prosperity and technological capability, yet the disproportionate sharing of this wealth and knowledge is leaving many thousands of people displaced and in gut-wrenching poverty to die each day from malnutrition and starvation...

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Wired For God
by Rev. Ann Emerson

Why have we humans always longed to connect with something larger than ourselves?

The emerging science of Neurotheology, dedicated to understanding the complex relationship between spirituality and the brain, is finding answers to that very question.

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