The Harmony Project

Who We Are

The Harmony Project was founded by interfaith minister Ann Emerson formally from Monroe, Connecticut. We are a United Religions Initiative Cooperation Circle that meets bimonthy to discuss our work.

About the Founder

Rev. Ann Emerson is the current director of the Sanctuary of Sophia, a peace, justice, and healing center in Lake Mary, Florida. A spry, witty and energetic 78 year-old mother of five, and grandmother of ten, Ann has pursued a lifelong study combining community, family and spiritual paths. Her family spans four religious traditions: Protestant, Eastern philosophies, Jewish and Roman Catholic. As an Interfaith Minister, in addition to her family responsibilities, over the last 27 years Ann has directed or co-directed five different holistic growth centers and has done healing work in a variety of environments including psychiatric hospitals and maximum security prisons.
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Special Thanks to Our Contributors

Making Ann's wonderful inspiration a reality took a team of talented, dedicated individuals. We graciously acknowledge their ongoing efforts and contributions that make The Harmony Project a success.

Jacqui Bishop for her help with the original concept of The Harmony Project.

Martha Dewing for her support with the Sacred Path interviews.

Andrew DiFiore for his creative and technical skills redesigning and enhancing this web site.

Amy Fink for her help with editing the copy for this site.

B&J Graphics for their help maintaining this site beginning September 2008.

Robert Gibbs for his artistic talent creating each of the sacred symbols found on this site.

Georgeanne Jud for her contributing her beautiful artwork found on this site.

Kathanna Knapp joined the team in 2005 as an editor and coordinator. She is a Master Energy Healer, teacher, medical intuitive, intuitive councilor and Interfaith Minister who has been assisting others in their healings since 1998. Kathanna has her own private practice in Brewster, NY.

Joseph W. Neumayer is a photographic artist and graphic designer who also edited some of the interviews and text materials. A selection of his "Wiping Light Photograms" can be seen in the Nature/Animisim section of the site.

Rev. Marion Odgers who helped transcribe and edit some of the sacred path interviews, co-authored the Harmony Project mission statement and contributed the article on Conscious Evolution. Marion is an Interfaith Minister of Peace and Reiki Master. She works as a mentor in the field of Spiritual Self-mastery.

Mary Anne O'Malley for her Virgin Mary artwork found under Christianity.

Amy Radbill was the original editor for the interviews.

Ann Marie Sawicki did a masterful job coordinating the information on this website. She is a conscious channeler (reader), teacher, animal communicator, Intuitive Reiki Master and Interfaith Minister who has been assisting others with their own spiritual awakening and questions since the 1980s. Ann Marie has her own private practice in Brewster, NY.

Peter van Geldern is the creative director for the Harmony Project. Peter's life is devoted to connecting the sacred and spiritual with physical space and personal experience. The son of two ministers, Peter is an artist and creativity specialist who serves communities with his creative architecture, design and coaching skills.

Eric Wenzel performed the technical work for this site and is a founder of Global PeaceWorks the interfaith service organization and provides technical and organizational development in Westchester County, NY.

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